A wood elf druid


A druid on the outs with the iconic High Druid, Elvesley travels the land proselytizing the truth that there is a sea. Elvesley has a background in interpretive dance.


Elvesley is perturbed and disgusted by Duff and RoFo (a pretty conspicuous necromancer and his undead minion) when she sits down next to them at a table in Westhaven. She’d only sat there so she could hang out with the other elf in the bar, Andöō. Necromancy is anathema to her creed.

When the tavern is attacked by the undead, Elvesley is quick to defend the villagers against the onslaught of vampire thralls, blood-caked zombies and Sufferin’ Dufferin the Necromancer. She uses her impressive shape-shifting ability to adopt the forms and aspects of owlbears and tigers returning many of the undead to their graves.

She eventually teams up with the party when she learns they are all going to the Lichwood.


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