Gnova Tinker

A gnome rogue


A Gnome of Science, Gnova earned her roguish stripes learning that sometimes making scientific discoveries meant getting your lab coat dirty. A proponent of democratizing knowledge, Gnova seeks to liberate knowledge (and anything needed to further knowledge) elites who would hold it hostage to keep themselves in power.


Gnova arrived in Westhaven looking for a job. Having heard tell of a brazen necromancer who was seeking a remedy to the half-life he was forced to live as a consequence of his dark powers.

Upon her arrival at the tavern, Gnova circled Duff and his manservant to observe them, but before she could approach, the tavern was attacked by an assortment of undead creatures. Gnova initially hid under a table, before stabbing several of the undead in the back, occasionally robbing them (and collecting a handsome collection of teeth in the process).

Gnova continued to follow at a distance when the party entered a barricaded church, and was reluctant to join a second battle when undead monstrosities attacked. Spurred on by Elvesley’s brave defence of the villagers, she did eventually join the fight.

Post-fight, she dragged her potential employer, Duff, out of the church, and earned the enmity of the townsfolk in the process.

The following morning, Gnova wasted her not inconsiderable powers of observation (a nat 20 on this?) to determine that the water in the fountain was undrinkable.

When the party decides to visit the mausoleum, Gnova is on board, thinking of the artifacts that might be found therein. She diligently checks the mausoleum for traps and finds none.

Her fight with the spiders is not the occasion where she best showcases her skillset as many of her flying blades go astray as the spiders skitter away from her. She does not even get a chance to strike at the giant vampire. She redeemed herself slightly when she vanquished Arvin Duskbane.

She is none too happy when Duff agrees to allow himself to be caged and displayed when they return to the village. She has a bad feeling about this place and its inhabitants and wants to get this job underway.

Gnova Tinker

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