Sufferin' Dufferin

A human (?) necromancer


Low in constitution but high in ambition, Duff has sought knowledge even though it has cost him his held, and led him off his righteous priestly path. He seeks some kind of remedy for the necrotic damage his magics have wrought upon his body.


In a land known for its particular animosity toward the undead, Duff inexplicably flaunts his half-dead self and his whole-dead minion wherever he goes, announcing his presence through their stench.

When he sets down in a bar in Westhaven and runs afoul of the local talent on account of his terrible smell, he initially sides with the horde of undead that attack the tavern, angry at his ostracization.

This rash alliance would later come back to haunt him when the townspeople insist that he be gibbeted while awaiting trial for the murder of the bard, Anye Kwest.

Sufferin' Dufferin

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