Unstoppable Greeps

How is party formed?

Some randos walk into a bar.

Session #1

Scene 1:

The party first meets at a tavern in Westhaven, famous for hosting well-known bard, Anye Kwest, who authored that absolute banger, “The Digger of Gold”.

Andoo, Elvesley, Sufferin’ Dufferin’, and Duff’s undead servitor, RoFo, all take a seat at a table at the bar.

Gnova Tinker, hangs about a short distance from the party, observing their interactions.

Various villagers, the barkeep, and Anye Kwest himself, all take issue with the party members seated at the table. They smell bad, mostly owing to rot emanating off Duff and RoFo to varying degrees. Duff takes particular exception to Anye Kwest’s revulsion.

Suddenly, vampire thralls and blood-caked zombies attack. Andoo initially atetmpts to reason with the vampires and is moderately successful, but his efforts are squandered when Duff, sensing a greater kinship with the undead than the insulting living, allows the walking dead to attack the villagers, and personally sends RoFo after Anye Kwest who soon perishes.

Elvesley whose druidic faith opposed the unbalance of life and death attacks both vampires and zombies to great effect, assuming the form and aspects of various terrifying beasts, including the owlbear, and the tiger.

Elvesley is supported (poorly), by the small figure of Gnova who intermittently hides beneath tables, darting out to slash at the hamstrings, femoral arteries, and coin purses of the zombies and vampires. Gnova collects some teeth.

At some point, Duff turns the zombies to his own ends, effectively ceasing their slaughter, but not before a good many villagers have perished.

The party, some villagers, and the overwrought barkeep escape into the streets.

Scene 2:

The party runs through the streets following the barkeep.

Scene 3:

Following the hysterical barkeep, the party enters a church. The doors are promptely barricaded behind them. The windows, too, are barricaded with pews.

Inside, the barkeeps tells on Duff, advising all in this holy place that he is a reviled necromancer who killed her good friend Anye. The church priest happens to know Duff personally, and mocks him for being a poor student while they studied together.

The villagers are terrified, but happily for them, they nay take solace in the presence of the village hero Amaeil (?) the Annointed (?) who is brave and strong and can save them from anything.

Suddenly, two undead monstrosities, structures composed of humanoid cadavers and illuminated by an unholy light from within attacks.

Amael is immediately smitten by one of the giants. He is cloven in twain. Duff later resurrects his legs to continue the fight.

Elvesley defends the villagers, again assuming her mighty owlbear form, but is laid low by a monstrosity. Her heroism will inspire the villagers to change their crest to include an owlbear.

Her sacrifice will also inspire Gnova to pop out of the security of her shadow walk and deal a terrible blow to one monstrositiy, She then retreats to hide behind a pew.

Andoo, the exceptionally fleet ranger, manages to avoid any damage while simultaneously dealing terrible damage to the other monstrosity.

Duff and RoFo are less lucky, RoFo perishing (temporarily) and Duff being knocked unconscious.

The villagers finally earn their keep, throwing cabbages at the monstrosities who, in their weakened state, are finally felled.

The village priest attributes the victory to his own prayers.

The villagers, showing little loyalty to their valiant protectors, cast the party out, mostly on account of Duff and his earlier murders.

The party is expelled into the cold morning hours where they attempt to rest where they can, having earned a conflicted relationship with the villagers of Westhaven.


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