Unstoppable Greeps

Introducing the Lady Wilhemina Corgington

The gang raids a tomb.

Session #2:

Scene #1:

The party wakes from its fitful rest to find the burned out remnants of Westhaven. The start inspecting what’s left of the village and Gnova wastes a nat 20 testing the fountain water to see if it’s drinkable (it’s not).

The party finds a set of overturned carts with coffins in them, seemingly the origin of the town vampires. The party’s inspection further reveals that the corpses they’ve encountered, many of whom had been villagers they’d seen alive the night before, appear to have been dead for some time.

The party agrees to travel together because they all seem keen to investigate the lichwood. Elvesley is reticent.

They agree to first search the mausoleum dedicated to the local protector, Arvin Duskbane, before checking out the Lichwood.

Scene #2:

On the way to the Tomb, Elvesley tranforms into a corgi, known as the Lady Wilhemina Corgington, in order to track the way.

On their arrival, they observe large footprints circling the the tomb, but see no one who might have made them. Gnova checks the entry for traps, there are none. Elvesley tranforms into a a rat to sneak into the tomb.

Scene #3:

On Elvesley’s entry, she perceives no threats, and beckons the others to enter. But, oops! There are a bunch of giant spiders!

Elvesley determines that her background in interpretive dance will not assist the party at this stage.

They fight spiders, until only two are left. Then Elvesley negotiates a truce—their fight will cease if they swear fealty to the Spider Nation. Although, seemingly none of the party take their oath seriously, they do vow to serve the Spider Queen.

The spider explain that they only want to reclaim the tomb from “The Blood King”.

As soon as the truce with the spiders is made, the tomb is further illuminated, revealing an ogre-sized vampiric monstrosity—clearly the creature that made the footprints outside as well as the challenged the spiders.

The spiders attack, the Blood King’s minions attack. It’s all a mess, but it’s over suprisingly quickly when Duff takes control of the minions and sets them on their master.

The spiders flee into the darkness, their tomb reclaimed.

On the disappearance of the spiders, two spirits, the ghosts of the warriors who were entombed in the mausoleum, reveal themselves.

One is Arvin Duskbane, for whom the tomb is named, the other is his close ally, _____, who looms large and silent, a giant club in his hands.

Arvin is chatty and tells the party he’d hoped the Blood King would have softened them up, but that he was impressed with their fighting acumen. He thought it all sporting good fun.

He and the silent giant fight the party—again for the good fun of it—but are ultimately vanquished, leaving their weapons as a treasure behind them.

The party leaves the mausoleum with a set of magical items and a fealty to the Spider Nation.

Scene #4:

On their return to the village, the remaining villagers and their annoying-ass priest have assembled and built a cage in which to gibbet Duff (as though they had nothing else to do with their time). The priest insists that Duff hang out in it until his trial. The party attempt to bargain other options, but Duff ultimatley submits of his own accord, promising that he won’t let the villagers kill him.


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