Unstoppable Greeps

Sick Flips in Gooey Crypts

The Party crawls through a dungeon

Leaving Duff in Malkus’ custody, the gang sets out to find the source of the monsters attack the town.

On their way north, they encounter a cave and within that cave, following an investigation by Elvesley the Corgi and Elvesley the Parrot, they find a pool of various body parts that stretches across the cavern.

In order to pass over it, the party constructs a rudimentary raft and prepares to paddle across the ungodly tailings pond.

Awaiting them on the other side is a set of zombies and an undead monstrosity. The zombies wade into the pool of body parts. They are encumbered by the thick slurry, and are quickly dispatched by Andoo’s arrows and Gnova’s knives, which she hurls from attop Lucretia’s steady shield.

The company does away with the undead monstrosity and explores the tunnels it had been guarding. They find a set of emaciated bear cubs, waiting for their mother. Despite the Elvesley the Bear’s cajoling, the cubs will not leave their cave. But they are hungry and are quickly lured outside by the smell of a fresh salmon pulled from Gnova’s hat.

Leaving the cubs to their feast, the Party re-enters the cave, and discover an old book written in a language so old that Gnova cannot read it. Gnova stores it in her hat for perusal later.

They move into a room where they find the remains of the mother bear, blocking a cave. Moving the beast aside, Elvesley, Lucretia, and Gnova venture, but something did not seem right about that bear.


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