Unstoppable Greeps

The Trial and Suffering of Dufferin the Baptist

Dufferin is put on trial for the murder of three village innocents

At the outset of the trial, Andoo fell ill and was confined to his bed for the duration of the trial,

Duff spends a solitary night, gibbeted in what is left of Westhaven’s town square.

In the morning, the party meet with him to discuss their strategy, which includes him talking as little as possible, owing to Duff’s penchant for starting out strong and compelling and ending on a love for wanton bloodshed.

Gnova and Elvesley meet with the travelling magistrate assigned to the case, Malkis. Malkis informs the pair that he will be engaging in an inquisitorial process, wherein he informally discusses the events that transpired with the

Duff’s diligent representatives put forward a defence of confused self-defence, asserting that in the heat of battle Dufferin struggled to tell friend from foe, and inadvertently slew Garilda the Elder, Garilda the Younger, and Gary the Smith. He, himself, claimed at one point that he thought they carried silver daggers and necromantic tomes.

They sought to pay restitution in the form of a quest to heal the town.

As a backup, Gnova, deploying her detachable left hand, tied the shoelaces of the villagers together, in case things took a turn for a worse and the party needed to make a quick escape.

Three townspeople testified against Dufferin: Roxy (the Rat) , the town priest (also a rat), and Garvin the Scoundrel.

Elvesley closed with a truly stirring interpretive dance that conveyed the chaos of battle and Duff’s tortured conscience. The town attempts to dance with her, but finding their shoelaces tied all fall over, in an event that is later known as The Stumbling.

In the end, the magistrate reserves for the evening.

Overnight, Gnova steals away to play a prank on Garvin the Scoundrel and to cement the town’s fear that it is now haunted by poltergeists.

On her way back, she spies a terrible flesh construct. She quickly reports back to the party and recommends they flee. She makes her way out a window.

Elvesley takes a different tack and leads the charge against the flesh construct. Duff follows behind her, having had his cage unlocked by Gnova.

Elvesley is felled by the flesh construct and falls unconscious. Duff calls a ghoul to him.
Gnova who had been lurking in an alley is spurred to action and strikes down the flesh construct.

The cacaphone rouses the town and Magistrate Malkis. Seeing the party’s good deed, he bargains with them for a reparative quest to discover the source of the undead in exchange for a conditional release of Duff. Duff will be pardoned, but his party must act as his sureties, guaranteeing his good behaviour for the rest of his life.

The party discovers that the vampire clan of the north and their brethren in the Lichwood appear to be arranging a conclave and traveling to join together.


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